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Why is Serta Crib Mattress might be the Perfect Pick

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The mental growth of a baby is ably taken care of by the loving care of a mother and a father. Frankly, I see a crib mattress as having exactly the same role in life.

The only difference is that the product is taking care of the physical welfare and general hygiene of the child.

This is where the Serta Perfect Start Crib Mattress excels, entering the childcare market as a caretaker, a product with one responsibility, taking care of baby.

The Serta Perfect Start checks all boxes when it comes to the nesting concerns that a hyper-protective parent could and will ever have.

It firmly supports the infant, blending exacting safety features with hygiene and comfort, hugely important points for the mattress as it’s fitted into the nursery crib.

Why This Serta Crib Mattress is a Perfect Starter Crib

Firm but Comfortable

Spending most of the day laying asleep is baby’s only purpose in life. There’s also the job of being constantly adored and pinched by all who see his or her fragile form fussing sleepily in the crib, but that’s another story.

These are formative weeks and months, and the Serta Perfect Start Crib Mattress will be one of the few physical surfaces to touch baby at this time.

It’s essential that the product exceeds expectations, and the trusted Serta label ensures this goal is comfortably reached.

Crib mattress reviews have been largely positive regarding this white crib mattress, and the reasons are abundantly clear as to why this should be.

It’s amazingly firm, superbly comfortable, and versatile enough to be swapped out of the crib and put in a toddler’s bed, a big plus for a best crib mattress contender. While versatility is an obvious factor, hygiene hasn’t been ignored.

The Perfect Start uses a laminated outer layer to prevent stains and bacteria from setting in to the fabric.

Easy to wipe, the crib mattress is friendly toward any budget, but that lower price could be considered a negative.

There’s no arguing against the bounteous quantity of glowing crib mattress reviews and the popular Serta label, but the mattress is on the basic side of the category, a likely reason for the affordable price.

Instead of coiled springs, a core of polyester lays at the heart of the product.

Despite this single drawback, I could find no mention of sagging, so I’d say the positive reviews are deserved.

At 5 inches thick, a few reviewers have commented on the thinness of the product, but the consensus of all reviewers still dips actively toward overall comfort and firmness, factors that power the product toward a ranking on the best crib mattress listing, a group ruled by protective parents and their concerns for their developing charges.

Lightweight Mattress Made for Standard Crib Size

Durable and perfectly sized for transitioning a baby to his or first toddler bed, the Serta Perfect Start Crib Mattress weighs a lightweight 12 pounds.

The white lozenge shape adopts standard crib dimensions to avoid gaps between rails and mattress edges.

I’ll list the dimensions as 53 x 28.5 x 6.5 inches to aid a shopping couple in matching the mattress to the crib.

While less refined an option than high-end alternatives, I can’t help but think that this cushioned mattress lived up to expectations. Affordable though it may be, it doesn’t feel cheap or flimsy.

It includes the necessary firmness for babies, a polyester core with allergenic properties, and an easy-wipe lamination for coping with those unavoidable messes.

Buy the Perfect Start with confidence, knowing it will fit a crib, support baby firmly, and reduce nursing complications with a sealed-in lamination covering.

The Serta label guarantees quality paired with durability and a not-to-be-sneezed-at 7-year warranty.

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