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Understanding the Different Types of Cribs

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When a baby is on the way, you have a million things on your mind. From stocking up on diapers to painting the nursery, the crib is an essential that requires research.

It’s the one piece of furniture that your newborn will spend the most time in. The best baby cribs are strong with narrow slats to avoid any caught body parts.

Taking a look at all the different crib styles allows you to make an informed choice.

What Are the Different Types of Cribs?

Convertible Styles

One of the most versatile crib selections is the convertible type. These models allow you to move the mattress between three or more levels.

As the baby grows, you can accommodate their size by lowering the mattress position. There’s no need to buy an entirely new crib.

When you choose the best crib mattress, it has the potential to work for at least a year as your child grows into a toddler.

No Drop-Side Standard

Most new parents are familiar with the basic, rectangular standard crib with slats holding your precious newborn safely inside.

Look for fixed sides that don’t have the drop-side feature. This feature was commonplace for most cribs prior to 2010, but was officially changed when children were caught in the moving parts.

Most of the popular cribs like DaVinci Kalani and Graco Lauren Classic come in standard size. They are designed to fit some of the best crib mattresses like Sealy Soybean Foam-core and Safety 1st Heavenly Dream mattress.

What does it mean? It means that if you decide to go with the standard size crib, you will have a huge advantage of being able to choose from a large number of manufacturers.

Travel Cribs

If you plan on traveling during your baby’s first year, a sturdy travel crib is a smart addition to your nursery. Two of my top recommendations if you are looking for one would be the Lotus travel crib and BABYBJORN travel light.

These cribs are collapsible, allowing you to haul them in the car or even checked as airline luggage.

Their mesh sides provide a view for you and the baby during nap time. Try several models out in the store to verify stability and ease of use.

You don’t want to struggle with assembly as your baby is crying for some rest.

Round Designs

The round crib gives you a unique furniture piece for the nursery, especially if space is limited.

You aren’t forced to create a huge rectangular space for a standard crib.

It’s also possible to reach the baby from nearly any angle around the crib, making it versatile for any mom and dad.

However, you must purchase a specialized mattress to fit the interior. Although widely available, they aren’t as common as the rectangular types. When it comes to the best mattress for round crib, Dream On Me round crib mattress tops my recommendation list.

Canopy Types

Your newborn is a joy to bring home so an ornate crib could be on your mind. Canopy cribs are simply any crib covered with a top fabric piece.

Although they are lovely to the eye, these crib additions aren’t very practical for the everyday. You’ll need to access the baby by bending into the space to avoid striking your head.

The canopy must be removed as the baby grows to avoid them pulling on the fabric.

Fitting the Mattress

After you purchase a crib and mattress set, put the entire assembly together and check the fit.

The mattress cannot have more than a two-finger gap between it and the crib. Babies can be easily caught in larger spaces, causing possible injuries.

The smartest choice you can make before the baby arrives is visiting a crib showroom floor. You want to give the best baby cribs a good shake and evaluation.

High quality cribs like the one from Dream on Me don’t have to be extremely expensive, but you need to search them out to secure them in your nursery in time for the big day.

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