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5 Most Popular Baby Changing Table Topper

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Best disposable changing table topper

Parents of newborn really have a lot to think about when it comes to bedding solution for their little loved ones. Already, they have to worry about which would make the best bassinet or the best crib mattress that will ensure the best sleeping experience for their newborns.

The need for changing table topper is something that will only pop up once parents are starting to get back to their normal daily routine. This includes such visit to the grocery stores.

These days, it is not difficult to find nursing room in most established stores. These rooms are usually equipped with diaper changing station but of course not the table topper.

As babies’ health are still fragile and they are sensitive to the slightest germs or infection, the safest bet that every mobile parents should consider getting is diaper changing pad.

But what makes the best changing table topper? Where should you start your hunt? Read on and you’ll soon have a better idea.

Best Baby Changing Pad: Disposable vs Reuseable

The first question that you have to ask yourself is what do you prefer. Do you prefer the disposable or reuseable option?

The choice boils down to individual preference and there really is nothing wrong with either option. One clear difference that you want to take note of is disposable changing table toppers will cost more in the long run, especially if you frequently find yourself in the public places.

With the disposable options, there is no worry about cleaning up should anything goes wrong during the napkin changing process. But this shouldn’t be too scary as ‘messy accident’ rarely happens.

So, which option is perfect for you depends on your personal preference rather than anything else. If you are looking for reuseable alternatives, you may want to check our recommendation for the best diaper changing pads.

The Best Changing Table Toppers

Northshore Disposable Table Topper

Northshore makes an excellent changing table topper because it is super absorbent in addition to being a clean, sterile surface on which you can change your baby.

That’s right; if junior or the little missus have a little more leaking to do after you’ve got their dirty diaper off, these pads will suck up that liquid, up to 10 oz.

That’s like a cup and a half of urine, certainly disgusting to think about but more than any baby with an already dirty diaper could probably produce.

Neat Solutions Neat-Ware Table Topper

Bigger babies will need a slightly larger space on which to lie while you do the dirty work that needs doing. For extra large pads, try the Neat Solutions brand, which gives bigger pads for a slight increase in the cost per pad.

Yes, they’re going to run you about $5 for 6 pads but those are the ones with bright, colorful designs and cartoon characters on them

. Your baby really won’t notice the difference if you buy more of the cheaper, solid white ones. You sure will though, especially when the savings allow you to do something fun or entertaining later on in the month.

Huggies Disposable Changing Pads

If you own a changing table of your own or you’ve found those Koalacare and other changing tables in restaurant restrooms to be very useful tools, then you and your baby will both be happy to hear about the disposable diaper changing pad which makes those awkward experiences a little less so.

Instead of worrying about how clean the surface is next time you go to lay your baby down atop it, instead cover a diaper changing station with a baby changing table topper. The Huggies Disposable Changing Pad is just one example of how you can make even a foreign place as clean and sanitary as your home, for a minute.

Summer Infant Disposable Changing Table Covers

Summer Infant has been a commonly recognized name especially when it comes to diaper and generic baby products.

One thing that the brand has been known for is its reasonably priced products and acceptable quality. Low price and quality rarely come together in a package. You would definitely not be looking at Summer Infant brand if the best quality is what you are interested in. Nonetheless, it is in most cases, good enough to most parents.

Summer Infant Keep Me Clean disposable changing table covers is one example of such product. When price is taken out of the equation, it may not stand as the best changing table toppers.

There You Go

There you have it. If you are looking for the best disposable changing table toppers and you are in a hurry, you know just which models are worthy of your consideration.

I hope that has taken some burden off your shopping load. With the time savings, you can take better care of your newborn!

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