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Tips for Traveling with Newborns

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Traveling with a newborn can be both frightening and a little bit intimidating if it is something that you have never done before.

By taking advantage of some great advice and a few simple tips, traveling with a newborn in tow will be easier than you may have first thought.

Whether you’re traveling a few states away or to another country, it is important to always be prepared and aware of the various flying rules, especially when taking a baby and his or her essentials.

Traveling with Newborns 101

Planning Your Vacation in Advance

Taking a newborn along with you on vacation can become a lot easier when everything is planned and set in stone before stepping out the door. Last-minute decisions could make the trip more stressful than it has to be.

First thing’s first, you will want to pick a vacation destination that is family-friendly. This could be a beach, theme park resort or anywhere that you would feel comfortable taking your newborn to.

Vacation advice from other travelers can be extremely beneficial in selecting a family-friendly vacation destination.

Packing for Your Newborn

One of the most stressful parts about traveling with a newborn is simply thinking about all of the necessities that you will need to bring with you for them.

Before packing up every single thing in your home such as a bouncy chair, high chair seat, car seat and the best travel crib you have, it is ideal to check with the hotel or resort that you will be staying at to see if any baby items are available upon request.

Some accommodations may provide travelers with the best baby cribs along with the best crib mattress for their convenience. This cuts down on a lot of the gear that you may need to pack with you.

Some items such as the best cribs and the best crib mattress may not be allowed on flights due to their size. However, passengers may be able to take along a pack and play or portable crib that folds up for easier traveling.

It is important to check with the airline that you will be traveling on in advance to see if they have a luggage allowance for infants even though they do not have their own seats. For example, some may allow one infant item per baby such as a car seat or collapsible stroller.

For longer trips, consider booking a bassinet for the plane ride when reserving your flight, as these can go quite quickly if available.

Traveling by Plane

The TSA is required to screen everyone who will be traveling by airplane, regardless of their age. This ensures the safety of all individuals who will be traveling. By knowing to expect when it comes to screening procedures for children under 12, the entire experience can be a lot less daunting.

Shoes can be left on during the screening, children will never be separated from their children and all child equipment that will fit through the x-ray machine should be placed on the conveyor belt.

All carry-on baggage will need to be screened, so it is important to not pack anything that may not make it through the security check.

Those who will be bringing any type of liquid, gel or aerosol products aboard the plane must pack them in 3.4 ounce or smaller containers and then seal them in a one quart, zip-lock bag.

However, breast milk and formula can be taken in excessive of 3.4 ounces in reasonable quantities if needed. These are considered medically required liquids.

After arriving at your destination, you can safely say that you have made it through traveling with a newborn. If your accommodations do not supply the best baby cribs for sleeping, pack and plays can be rented or purchased from various retail locations.

Be sure to choose a good travel crib that comes with the best crib mattress possible so that your infant is able to sleep well at night during your vacation.

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