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Tips on How to Choose the Best Travel Crib

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Your precious baby typically rests in a sturdy crib you picked out months before they were born. However, traveling with a baby requires a much more versatile sleeping area.

Travel cribs are usually collapsible structures with a removable mattress. The best cribs should be strong, but easy to carry like a normal bag.

Choosing the best travel crib requires some examination of its features and safety parameters.

Best Travel Crib Selection 101

Convertible Ease

The best travel crib gives you as much versatility as possible. Look for a model that grows with the baby. You’ll need a tall bassinet attachment for newborns along with a sturdy mattress for older babies.

Think past the first few months to baby’s playtime. Travel cribs could have a conversion shape to be used as a playpen.

Look over all your product options to find the right crib for your needs. When you travel a lot, you want a product that works perfectly each time you grab it during packing.

Everyday Functionality

It’s best to visit a store to physically touch and examine a potential travel crib. You want to pick it up as it’s stored away in its travel configuration.

The best baby crib for frequent traveling will be relatively lightweight. You should also try to set it up. Ask an associate for help, but the overall configuration should be easy to figure out without extensive instructions.

Move on to another model if you just can’t wrap your head around its setup or disassembly.

Brand New is Best

A loving friend could have a clean, secondhand travel crib ready for your next vacation, but it’s a better idea to buy one brand new.

New cribs have all the latest defects and safety issues resolved in their construction, making them automatically safe for your child.

Even the best travel crib from last year could have some issues never dealt with after a sale. Your friend’s crib could have issues they aren’t even aware of.

Be safety diligent and insist on a brand new model.

Got Stains?

Research your desired crib and focus in on cleaning ease. Babies will naturally stain items, making it crucial for removable fabrics to be part of the crib assembly.

Even pull some of the fabrics off at the retail store to see just how quickly you can remove them. Machine washable is the preferable cleaning description you’re looking for in all cribs.

If you find the fabric to be too difficult to remove in a rush, this isn’t the travel crib for you.

Look for Mesh

A travel crib shouldn’t look like a thick tent out in the wilderness. In fact, most of the main panels need to be mesh.

This material is entirely see-through, giving you a perfect view of the child inside. Being able to see out from the crib is critical too.

A baby who sees mom nearby is calmer than a child cut off from visual view. The mesh also improves air circulation in and out of the crib area.

The Lotus travel crib is one model that fits rightly into this description

Even the best baby crib could develop issues over time, such as from worn fasteners. Be aware of current recall and repair announcements regarding your model.

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for any repair fixes. When it comes to your baby, you need a product that offers a safe haven every time you use it.

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