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Summer Infant By Your Side Co-Sleeper: Surprisingly Good and Affordable Co-Sleeper

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Traveling with a child can be difficult and can be even more difficult for parents who choose to cosleep.

Finding the best travel crib for you and your child’s needs is an important way to make traveling a more enjoyable and pleasurable experience.

You can find the best crib for your personal needs by checking crib reviews and getting a good idea of what each crib had to offer you.

A travel co-sleeper is a great way to ensure that your infant has the comforts of home while you are away from the home.

How Good is Summer Infant Portable Sleeper?

Basic Functionality

The Summer infant by your side sleeper portable bedding is a bedding option that can be used while at home or while on the road.

It can easily attach to any bed and allows parents to sleep close to their infant. It comes with all of the equipment that is necessary to attach it to a bed and it can easily fit into a carrying case that accompanies it.

The sleeper is a great addition to travel bedding and will allow parents to rest assured knowing that their child is comfortable and safe.

Sturdy and Solid Construction

The by your side sleeper is in a class with other best travel crib options like Lotus travel crib and BABYBJORN travel light 2. It is equipped with hard metal that provides the ultimate in support for your baby.

The rigid metal is able to easily slide underneath any size bed and is able to provide the same amount of support that other travel cribs provide.

It is easier for baby to sleep in a portable co-sleeper because they are close to the parents and are able to feel the same comfort that they would at home.

The portable sleeper is also much easier for parents to take on trips than a traditional portable or non-portable crib would be.

Photo of parents with Summer Infant By Your Side SleeperMetal guard in Summer Infant By Your Side Sleeper

Safety is Essential

It is important that babies be comfortable while they are sleeping, but it is more important that they be safe in their co-sleeper.

The Summer by Your Side Sleeper is one of the best travel crib options because it not only provides comfort for baby and parents, but also provided essential safety for baby to remain in a good sleeping position throughout the night.

It has breathable mesh that will not hinder baby’s ability to safely breathe through the night and will allow parents to see directly into the sleeper.

The padding is up to United States baby crib standards and is resistant to flames. The mesh sides also help to keep the sleeper cool and prevent the baby from becoming too overheated.

Some Concerns to Take Note

The biggest problem with this sleeper that is often highlighted in many crib reviews is that it was difficult to use if parents were a different size, or one was significantly larger than the other.

The sleeper could easily become lopsided and could cause the baby to tip out of it, making it not a safe option.

Parents who were close to the same size or parents who had a somewhat rigid bed did not see any problems with the sleeper topping over or knocking the baby out.

Round-up of Summer Infant Portable Sleeper Review

Whether you do a lot of traveling or you simply want a co-sleeping system that will work well for you and your baby, the Summer by Your Side Sleeper will be able to suit a variety of needs.

It is important that you do all of the research and learn what type of sleepers are available to suit your particular needs before you make the decision on which infant cosleeping system you want to use.

Despite excellent reviews and the opinions of others, you should always choose the co-sleeper that you are most comfortable with and suits your needs the most.

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