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How to Select the Best Bassinet Stroller for Your Baby

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This article is a guest post from my best friend Gwen. Thank you Gwen for writing this article for my new blog!

In contrary to cribs, bassinets are beds which have been designed with special features to suit the needs of the baby. It is most commonly used by babies under the age of one year.

These beds are commonly found in the neonatal care units and in domestic and sometimes during travel. But surely you know all these as they are the main topic of this blog!

Let’s not beat around the bush and go straight to the meat of the article: selecting the perfect bassinet stroller for your baby.

Size and weight are key factors that need to be taken into consideration while choosing a bassinet stroller which will suit your needs and the needs of the infant. Two basic designs are generally available: the rocking type and the swivel type. What you choose at the end depends on your preference really.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Bassinet Stroller

Comfortable Sleeping Position

Due to the high sensitivity of the infants to rough conditions, they need to be on comfortable conditions all the times. The comfort of the baby depends on the design features but it is one aspect that sets the best bassinet apart from its competitors.

Safety is the most important aspect that needs to be considered. The stroller chosen should be fitted with excellent wheels that can move in different terrains easily. The wheels should be designed in a way so as to minimize shock and vibration transmitted to the baby.

The Right Amount of Space

The space inside the bassinet needs to be just enough to allow free movement of the baby. It should not curtail movement of body parts such as hands and legs.

Good space also encourages free circulation of air hence increasing the comfort of the baby.

Recline sleep position with the top-rated bassinet strollerRear view of best bassinet stroller

Protection from External Exposure

Above all, the bassinet needs to prevent the baby from harsh environmental condition. Since you might be moving with your baby from place to place, there is a need to cover or uncover your baby depending on the ambient weather conditions.

Methods used to cover the bassinet stroller should be simple and must not prevent free circulation of air.

Look is still Important

Lastly you need to choose brilliant colors that are appealing to look at :) . If there is a need of travelling over a long distance with the stroller, it is good to choose a design that can be folded or a smaller design that will not irritate anybody in your vicinity by occupying voluminous space.

Two child usage of the highly recommended baby bassinet strollerUse demonstration of most popular bassinet stroller

Common types of bassinet strollers

Sleepers: they are used when the baby wants to sleep or rest. It is spacious and it even has room for cargo.

Dual strollers: this design will open up and allow room for the baby to sit. It can be used for sleeping and sitting.

Three wheeler stroller: this type of stroller has one rear wheel and two front wheels. It is preferred mostly because of its versatility and flexibility.

Twin stroller: it has space that can take two babies. It is a must when you have twins or more than one baby to take care of.

The bassinet stroller can be bought even before the child is yet to be born. All you need to do is to identify the best design that can work well for you. If you travel a lot or you live in second or third floor you need to consider the weight of the bassinet stroller so as to be easy for you to carry.

Don’t forget to leave a comment if you have a recommendation for a bassinet stroller. We would love to hear from you.

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