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Safe Co-Sleeping Guidelines

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Safe co-sleeping tips for parents with newborn

Despite the best baby cribs and best crib mattress options that are available for parents to easily get for their new babies, many parents still choose to cosleep with their babies. Cosleeping is a great way for parents to bond with their babies and a way for their babies to be comfortable.

Many babies that cosleep with their parents will sleep for longer hours in the night and will be more comfortable. Cosleeping also makes parenting easier and can be more comfortable for parents if their new baby wakes up in the middle of the night.

While many doctors will warn against cosleeping, but many parents still choose to do it. There are some ways that parents can safely cosleep and parents should always follow certain guidelines.

Safe co-sleeping tips

Beware of risk suffocation

One of the most important aspects to safe cosleeping is ensuring that the baby has his or her own space in the bed. Whether that is a large portion of a large bed or a smaller bassinet style bed attached to the bed, the baby should have his or her own space.

The bassinet should have the best crib mattress possible that is made for the specific bassinet. While bed attachments are generally recommended, they can be cumbersome and difficult for mothers who are trying to breastfeed without the worry of waking up and moving around.

A baby should never sleep close enough to a parent that it could cause a risk for suffocation and rolling over on the baby.

It will come sooner or later

When parents choose to cosleep, it may be a simple decision because they could not find the best cribs for their needs. It is important for parents to understand that their child will probably have to go into their own bed at some point and that they will not be able to sleep in their bed for the rest of their lives.

Parents should make sure that they are prepared for this when the infant gets older. It is also a good idea for parents with multiple children including an infant to only let the infant sleep in the bed with them. Older children do not have an awareness when they sleep and may accidentally cause harm to the baby.

Other risks to consider

Many professionals have added some guidelines to cosleeping that include always tying up long hair to prevent strangulation of the baby, only allowing the mother to sleep directly next to the baby and always making sure that the bed is not too soft for the baby to sleep on.

Babies generally should not sleep on feather top beds because these tend to sink in and can cause the baby to suffocate. Beds should also be checked often to ensure that there are no cracks in between the mattress and headboard or wall.

These cracks could cause the baby’s head or entire body to sink in and can lead to suffocation and death in the infant. It is important for parents to always have a type of game plan when they are preparing to cosleep with their infant to ensure both parents and baby are happy and comfortable with the arrangement. Parents should never cosleep when they are under the influence of alcohol, drugs or are unable to easily wake up.

In Summary

Parents who are looking for the best baby cribs and the best crib mattress should know that a crib is not their only option. Along with bassinets and cradles, parents can choose to cosleep with their baby.

While cosleeping has gotten somewhat of a bad reputation, parents who choose to cosleep with their baby in a safe way can provide their baby with many benefits.

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