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How Safe are Bassinets for Babies

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Parents who are expecting a new baby usually look at the best cribs and the best crib mattresses to ensure that their baby is both safe and comfortable throughout the night. When looking for mattresses and cribs, parents may come across the bassinet option.

These bassinets were used for many years in the past because they were smaller and easier for parents to get baby in and out of.

They were also ideal for parents who wanted to keep their baby in the same room as them, but didn’t want to have an entire crib in their bedroom.

The best bassinets are also more portable than a crib and can be easily moved from room to room.

How safe are the best bassinets for babies?

While a bassinet is generally considered safe, it is important for parents to follow all of the instructions from the manufacturer that come with the bassinet.

Babies should never be allowed to sleep in a bassinet after they have reached the maximum weight limit and should be transferred to the best baby crib possible at that point.

Parents should make sure that all of the hardware on the bassinet is secure and that there is nothing loose that the baby could grab or that could come apart and harm the baby.

It is important that parents never add anything extra to the bassinet because it could cause the baby harm and make the bassinet not function in the way that it was intended to.

Use fitted sheet for better safety

A bassinet should always be used with a fitted sheet that is similar to one that parents will eventually put on their best crib mattress. This sheet should be tailored specifically to the baby’s bassinet and should have a snug fit.

Parents should check this regularly to make sure that it has not come away from the bassinet mattress and that it is not posing a health hazard to their baby.

Parents should also make sure that there is not a large space between the frame of the bassinet and the mattress because their baby could become stuck in that space and could suffocate or be harmed in some way. Following these rules should make a bassinet a more safe place for a baby to sleep.

Prepared for Crib transition

Portable bassinets are considered a safe option for sleeping as long as parents follow all of the guidelines that make sleeping in any area safe for a baby. Babies should always be placed on their back and should not be covered up with heavy quilts or comforters.

Parents who are concerned about their baby’s warmth while sleeping should dress them more warmly and avoid covering them with blankets. There should not be anything in the bassinet that the baby could grab onto and they should not be allowed to sleep close enough to any material, fabric or objects that they could grab and pull into the bassinet.

Parents should begin making a transition from the bassinet to the best baby crib when the child is getting close to the maximum weight of the bassinet. This will ensure that the baby is comfortable in their new crib and that they will become easily adjusted.

Is Bassinet Safe Then?

When you are looking for the best crib mattresses for your new baby, you will probably come across several safe options that include cribs, cradles and bassinets.

The decision among these can be hard and you may choose to use a combination. It is important that you make the best decision for you and your baby, but be sure to always follow all of the instructions no matter which option you choose to ensure that your baby is safe and has the most comfortable sleep possible.

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