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Turn Bedroom into Fairy Dreamlands with these Bunk Beds

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Having just one little girl is a blessing. If you get two in a row or two at once in the case of twins, you’ve got twice the good and bad things to think about. From getting the best crib mattresses to the best changing table.

While you will undoubtedly want the best for both your daughters, the best bunk beds for girls is going to be one of the first major purchases you make.

Every little girl will love the tented twin size bunk bed by Toscana Home Interiors. It’s just like a little house with a ladder going up to the second level, or the top bunk in this case.

Best Bunk Beds for Girls to Complement Bedtime Stories

Cottage Low Loft Bed with Playhouse Curtain

Bolton Furniture Inc. has a fine selection of bunk beds for girls. Interestingly, they have plenty of bunk beds that are perfectly designed for girls and girls alone (sorry boys, you probably have to take a look at the best bunk beds with stairs or those with slide).

With fewer plastic parts and more solid wood, the price is understandably higher for this bunk bed with a ladder on the front.

Both top and bottom sleeping spaces are tented and covered by a canopy, which means your little girls will have all the privacy they could ever want.

Not that kids under 5 have any need for privacy, but they sure will make sleepovers more fun. You and your daughters get a lot for the price you pay.

Cottage Low Loft Castle Bed

With its own tower and a slide for hasty escapes, the Bolton Furniture Cottage Low Loft looks like something out of a fairytale.

If the look of these bunk beds for girls doesn’t inspire some imagination, maybe once the lights go down and the thing looks more like a castle in the dark, your daughters minds will really get going.

Whether the price for this is worth it or not is up to you to decide but most parents could spend $1,000 better on a few other things. Don’t feel bad if you can’t afford this obvious luxury sleeping space.

Pincess Castle Twin Bed with Slide

The Power Princess Castle by Powell Furniture is like a storybook castle, the same kind of elegant place with tall towers your little girls read about in their favorite fictional tales.

As far as bunk beds for girls go, this particular set doesn’t cost an arm and a leg like so many others. That’s not for a shortage on quality though; the frame is made from strong, sturdy steel.

There is also a ladder for climbing up and a slide for zipping down, as well as enough space beneath the loft for a second bad. With the right stickers or some glow in the dark decals, this could really work.

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