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Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer: Let Your Baby Dream a Little Longer

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The short length of a baby’s body may not require as much support from a mattress as an adult’s does. But the best crib mattresses are ones that provide a firm sleeping surface.

The Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer Dual Firmness All Foam Crib Mattress has one side that is firmer than the reverse, and it is more comfortable as your infant reaches the toddler stage.

The label indicates the side that is intended for use for babies and for toddlers. Weighing only eight pounds, this top quality mattress is made from eco-friendly materials and is easy to lift.

A check on your local stores and online retailers will confirm its position as one of the best-selling crib mattresses. But what are the things you have to consider before deciding that it is the perfect crib mattress for you?

Ready to find out? Let’s start.

What’s So Good about Moonlight Slumber Mattress?

It is Made in USA

The mattress contains high density foam that carries the CertiPUR certification, and it uses no springs or coils that are commonly found in crib mattresses.

The manufacturer has a reputation for sleep products that are the ultimate in safety, a primary quality that you look for in crib mattress reviews.

Moonlight Slumber manufactures its products in the United States which should give us some assurance that no low quality chemically harmful material has been used in the making of their products.

By looking at the largely positive ratings given by parents who own this mattress, the manufacturer’s claim of being the “Crib mattresses preferred by most Moms” may hold some truth after all.

High Grade Material

Some of the claims for safety may stem from the use of medical grade foam that includes an internal fire barrier. In addition, the fabric on the mattress is medical grade, non-toxic nylon.

While providing the solid support that you want for your child, the mattress is flexible as well. Picking up the corners when you change the sheets is easier when the mattress is flexible.

Designed for Maximum Convenience

The sides of the mattress are stitched, and one continuous seam surrounds the unit. It lies close to the surface to prevent catching spills when they occur.

Cleaning up after an accident is easy with a cover that is water resistant and hypoallergenic, and the foam has a waterproof coating.

The corners are square, giving the bed a neat and tidy appearance with fitted sheets. The mattress firmly supports your baby throughout the night without sagging in the middle.

The 5 x 27.5 x 52 inch dimensions of the mattress fit snugly within a crib to prevent baby from slipping into an open space.

Like other organic mattresses that you may find in your crib mattress reviews, it contains no PVC, vinyl or polyethylene. Some babies seem to generate extra heat while sleeping, and this mattress helps maintain a comfortable environment by not retaining heat.

Placement of Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer Crib Mattress in standard baby cribConstruction material of Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer Dual Firmness Crib Mattress

Pricey but Worth the Investment

The strongest features in the best crib mattress for your baby relate to safety, comfort and convenience. The reputation of the manufacturer for a focus on safety is a persuasive factor that may encourage you to choose it.

The convenience of easy cleaning of the stitched seams adds to creating a wholesome environment for your child, something to consider when you shop for baby’s bed.

Other mattresses that are priced similarly to the Little Dreamer (such as Simmons Kids Beautyrest) are one inch thicker and heavier as a result. You may have to decide if the one additional inch of mattress is worth the difference in lifting a 15 pound object instead of an eight pound one.

For safety, comfort and convenience, the Little Dreamer gives you good value for your investment. The name of the company may not have the recognition of more well known brand names with the likes of Sealy, but it is a popular choice of discerning moms who want the best crib mattress for a new baby.

Is Moonlight Slumber Little Dream Crib Mattress Worth Every Penny?

To parents who have previously bought the best crib mattress for their little angels will be familiar with Moonlight Slumber as a brand.

It may not be a brand that is familiar to the ordinary folks mainly because it makes nothing but crib mattresses.

For those who have the budget and have the chance to give it a try, there is probably little chance that they will pick another brand when asked for recommendation of the best crib mattress.

Do I think Moonlight Slumber Little Dream crib mattress is a worthy buy consideration? Looking at all the Moonlight review ratings, I certainly think it is worth every penny.

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