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Kolcraft Portable Crib Mattress: The Cozy Companion to the Perfect Crib

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The Kolcraft Cozy Soft Portable crib mattress are designed to help baby sleep better.

There are many positive crib mattress reviews associated with it. What is it exactly that makes it stand out from its peers?

Ready to find out? Let’s take a closer examination and hopefully it helps you decide if this is the best crib mattress you should go for or you should be looking for other alternatives.

Importance of Having the Best Crib Mattress

Mattresses that come with portable cribs, and some that are included with many baby nursery items like pack and plays tend to be on the thin side.

These hard feeling, thin mattresses lead many parents to believe that their baby won’t sleep as well.

This makes many parents want to search for the best crib mattress they can find. Parents are looking for a mattress that fulfills the positive aspects they are looking for in a good quality, well-made crib mattress.

They want their baby to experience good quality sleep, which help baby to wake up refreshed and re-energized. Everyone knows that a pleasant baby is such a joy to be with!

How Good is Kolcraft Portable Crib Mattress?

Made to be Waterproof

One of the best Kolcraft crib mattress features is a waterproof and water-resistant quality which can help to keep the mattress like new.

The Kolcraft Cozy Soft Portable crib mattress features a waterproof cover that is very easy to clean, using simple water and soap. Parents don’t want their little one exposed to harsh chemicals which can cause bad reactions or health issues later in life.

Parents want everything their baby comes in contact with to be safe and chemical-free. At the same time, they look for waterproof items that will help to keep harmful mold and bacteria at bay.

Fabric pattern in Kolcraft Portable Baby Crib MattressDimension of Kolcraft Cozy Soft Portable Crib Mattress

The thick and hypoallergenic material the Kolcraft mattress is made from does all these things. Plus, it provides a soft and comfortable surface for baby to sleep well.

Designed to Minimize Safety Risks

Another positive feature of the Kolcraft portable crib mattress is that there are no straps to cause a potentially dangerous risk of suffocation.

There are also no toxic fire-retardant chemicals used on these crib mattresses. They have a natural fire-retardant property due to the material they’re crafted from.

They are also free from anything containing lead or harmful phthalates. Kolcraft crib mattresses are American made and they meet or exceed safety standards for infant mattresses.

What Parents are Saying

Many crib mattress reviews for the Kolcraft mattress have been positive. Reviewers cite desirable qualities like sleep quality being better for their baby. Some have said that this mattress is very light and easy to move and use.

Portability is a wonderful feature, especially for parents who love to travel with their baby, or who want to have their baby stay with care-givers or with grandparents.

Many have said that the rest their baby gets with this well-made, portable crib mattress nearly matches the good sleep their child gets in their regular crib.

The mattress is firm enough to give good support, while being soft enough to create a cozy, comfortable sleeping space. Baby doesn’t have to lay stretched out flat like they would with the mattress that comes standard with most portable cribs. Baby will look and feel more comfortable.

Important Note to Parents

Parents are cautioned to carefully measure the size of the portable crib in which the Kolcraft Cozy Soft Portable Crib Mattress is intended to be used.

This crib mattress measures 38 inches long by 24 inches wide. There should not be a gap between the crib mattress and the side of the crib or playpen.

Using a mattress that is too small for the crib can create a potential danger for baby. Babies who move around a lot when they sleep could become wedged between the mattress and the side of the crib and be injured.

Final Verdict for Kolcraft Portable Crib Mattress

Kolcraft portable crib mattress is indeed a cozy and soft option for parents who are looking for the best low-cost portable crib mattress.

Just be sure that you check the dimension as it is important not to leave any gap at the side which can be hazardous to the safety of your baby.

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