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Lotus Travel Crib: A Portable Crib & Playard Convertible

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Exploring a new space is something that kids like to do, and it is approved by moms when it is safe. The Lotus Travel Crib and Portable Baby Playard has a side door that lets a little one find a way in and a way out while mom keeps track of every move.

Needing only 15 seconds to set it up, it is fun for everyone. Air can flow freely through the breathable Clearview Mesh sides, and you can see your child at all times. A mattress fits snugly in the bottom, and the mesh sides extend all the way down.

Rated as one of the best cribs, let’s take a look at the considerations that are important before making your purchase of the Lotus Travel Crib and Portable baby playard.

Lotus Travel Crib Reviews

Designed to be Portable

Serving as more than just a travel crib, the attractive unit is fun to use at home or when little friends come to visit.

The total weight of the crib, the mattress and a backpack to carry it is only 11 pounds. All materials are machine washable, and they contain no lead and no phthalates or other chemicals.

Airlines allow you to take the backpack as a carry-on, making it easy for you to set it up in the airport while you wait for your luggage. When you shop for the best travel crib, these points are important to consider.

Picture of baby sleeping in Lotus Baby Travel CribPhoto of baby in Lotus Portable Baby Playard

A Secure Play Ground

Zipping the side door creates a secure place for your toddler to play or sleep in a stylish enclosure. The lotus blossom is often a symbol of beauty, and this travel crib features clean lines, soft fabrics in lovely colors and creative graphics.

As you conduct your crib reviews, you find that the features of the Lotus are unique. Traditional cribs can make baby feel remote from the family, and some small children may think of them as a form of punishment.

Moms can enjoy seeing how inviting the Lotus travel crib is when babies voluntarily go in and out. As the center of attention, the stylishly designed crib lets everyone focus on it and the baby who plays inside.

Easy travel carry-on of Lotus Travel CribConvenient packing of Lotus travel crib

The Best Travel Companion

The unique design of the Lotus travel crib lets you carry it on your back with its convertible backpack straps. You can use both hands to do all of the other duties that are yours when you travel with a small child.

There is always a need for a snack for someone, a diaper bag and a door to open, and the easy portability of the crib is a nice feature. The light weight makes it a pleasure to take with you wherever you go.

Visiting a friend across town or next door provides time to chat while baby happily plays in the crib. Your crib reviews are sure to reveal that the manufacturer of the Lotus crib is the only one that lets you carry a crib in a backpack.

Is Lotus Travel Crib the Best Option?

The Lotus travel crib is somewhat on the pricier side, but the elegance of the design and the practicality of the unit are worth considering.

It may cost several times more than one of the best-selling travel crib – BRICA Fold N’ Go – but there is no way the two can be compared.

Lotus travel crib is designed to offer so much more features and convenience while BRICA Fold N’ Go is designed to be an entry-level travel crib.

A play space that invites your child inside is a pleasure that most moms enjoy. Soft materials and a thick mattress create a comfortable play area that welcomes your baby.

The side door is large enough for you to lie down beside your infant for nursing, and it lets you depart without creating a disturbance.

The peace and quiet that you can enjoy while baby sleeps is a precious reward for choosing a product that competes for your choice as the best travel crib.

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