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Dream On Me Karely: A Practical & Lightweight Bassinet

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Bringing home a new baby for the first time is a special, yet sometimes nerve wracking experience. With so many options available, the decision of where to lay the baby down to sleep can seem overwhelming.

First and foremost is the decision on whether to look for the best cribs or the best bassinets. It is a fundamental question that every parent of newborn has to address.

While some parents preferred the best cribs because of safety and personal preference, the best bassinets are designed to provide maximum sleep comfort for your little angles.

With so many options to consider, does it sound intimidating?

Luckily for all the moms and dads out there, there is an ideal solution: The Dream On Me Bassinet. This bassinet is by far the best bassinet available on the market today.

When looking at bassinet reviews online and talking to parents in person, this bassinet model comes highly recommended and is praised for its laundry list of exceptional features.

What is it that makes it earn such a good rapport among parents? Scroll down and you’ll see why.

Key Highlights of Dream On Me Bassinet Reviews

Made to Last

When we were looking for the best bassinet for our little one, my husband and I started looking for a quality product that would meet all of our needs. The Dream On Bassinet fit the bill perfectly.

Multiple owners of the Dream On Me Bassinet have posted bassinet reviews online stating how much they love using this bassinet.

The fact that these bassinets often get passed down within families and among friends shows just how loved and appreciated these bassinets are.

Dream On Me Karley Bassinet in folding positionPhoto of Dream On Me Bassinet with Mesh canopy

Flexible Usage

The greatest feature of the Dream On Me Bassinet is the fact that it can be transformed to fit a wide variety of needs. It works as a bassinet to keep baby sleeping close by next to your own bed, as a rocking cradle and as an on the go portable bed.

Parents also know that babies come with a lot of accompanying accessories, and the fact that the Dream On Me Bassinet has a roomy storage area on the bottom of it is fabulous!

The storage area is ideal for keeping diapers, wipes, lotion, extra blankets and a spare toy or pacifier or two. I love having access to these things and being able to reach them without getting out of bed at night!

Dream On Me Karley Bassinet in standing folding positionUse demonstration of Dream On Me Bassinet

Convenient and Portable

This bassinet has locking wheels that allow it to easily be wheeled around the house and then locked safely in place when it is in the desired location.

This feature really gives parents more freedom to get chores and work done around the house while keeping a close eye on their sleeping baby. It can even be taken outside to enjoy some fresh air.

While some parents find the wheel to be great, other have their concern about its stability. But based on my experience, there is no 100% fail-proof design when it comes to baby bedding solution. It is true that the wheels might pose some threat but it is an acceptable risk if you are careful.

The included canopy feature works perfectly to let the baby enjoy the warm sunshine without being exposed to its damaging rays. The Dream On Me Bassinet can also be used when baby is awake.

Simply roll the bassinet into the kitchen with you and the dishes can get done and dinner made while the baby is close by and snuggled safely in their bassinet.

20-pounds Weight Limit

The only real down side to this model is that it is only intended for infants weighing up to between 18 and 20 pounds. When your newborn is close to 10 pounds, they can outgrow this bassinet quickly, when you still would like them to be in a bassinet next to your bed.

Other than the weight limit, though, this bassinet really does an exceptional job of being a useful and high quality piece of baby gear.

Is Dream On Me Karely a Buy Then?

Not every parents would go with a bassinet as it tends to be useful only for few months before transition to a crib is necessary.

But if you’ve made up your mind and you think a bassinet is necessary to provide maximum sleep comfort for your newborn, Dream On Me Bassinet is definitely an interesting proposition.

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