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3 Cozy Crib Tents for a Peaceful Sleep & Fun Family Time

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Every newborn deserves the best crib. Co-sleeping is a great way to accidentally roll over and suffocate your infant, so don’t think that’s an acceptable alternative to a safe, stable sleeping space for your child.

In addition to a nice crib, you should think about picking up cozy crib tent for your baby too.

Other than its basic function as a toddler bed, crib tent allow you to create many fun family bonding activities with your baby.

If you are looking for the best crib tent ideas, you have it. I’ve curated a small list of most popular crib tents that have received their fair share of positive ratings.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get the ball rolling.

3 Best Crib Tents for Every Parent to Consider

Coaster Bunk Bed with Slide & Tent: The Popular Choice

If you have more than a single child of if you’re dealing with twins, the best crib tent is one that will give you not one, but two beds.

Coaster Bunk Bed with Slide and Tent is one of the most popular crib tent that has seen many happy stories from parents who have bought it. Well, while it has been designed with extra beds for twins, parents with a single child still find it a good choice.

The child-friendly color is one of the thing that makes this one of the best crib tent to consider. Children are imaginative creatures and don’t underestimate what kind of imaginations they can come up with even with mixture of colors.

One thing you want to take note of is the bed purchase itself does not come with the mattress. For this, some of the most recommended crib mattresses you want to consider will be Simmons Kid Beautyrest and Sealy Soybean foam Core.

Talk to those who have experienced raising young kids and you know how tough it can be to put them to sleep at night. Kids just have so much energy and they have to vent it out.

Unless you have the time to bring them to the park or the playground to vent out their energy during the day, having this crib tent with slide can be really helpful.

Aside from being able to create family activities with your child, you may have less difficulty in putting them to bed at night.

Disney Pixar Cars Toddler Tent Bed: The Budget-Friendly Option

Disney Pixar’s Cars Tent Toddler Bed makes an excellent choice for kids tent. It combines the crib and tent together in a single package.

All boys love cars (at least those that I’ve ever encountered). Disney Cars Toddler tent bed is among the few options that have received plenty of praises from parents who owned it.

Built in accordance to JPMA’s safety standards, you can be assured that the bed your baby will be sleeping at is safe from toxic material and finishing.

If you plan to do your own assembly, it is good to know that putting this up is quite simple and some of the basic tools are all it takes to get the job done.

Compared to the Coaster Bunk, this bed is of lower priced but you don’t get the kind of quality and sturdiness that comes with the Coaster Bunk bed.

Princess Emily Carriage Canopy Bed: For the Prettiest Princess

So far what you’ve seen are crib tents best made for boys. How about girls? Well, fret not. I’ve got you covered.

IMHO, Princess Emily Carriage Canopy bed is one of the most beautiful crib tent ever built for girls.It is reminiscent of fanciful, fantasy beds from fairy tales. There’s a lot of pomp surrounding it but that doesn’t mean this bed and tent are going to turn your little girl into a spoiled brat.

If you are looking for a solid bed that can last for many years and yet you feel sick of the usual boring bed design, this will be it.

Which Crib Tent is Best for You?

The best crib tents are designed to inject fun but yet solidly built to ensure years of usage.

What you have seen are 3 of the most lovely crib tents that any parents should not miss when they consider buying a good toddler bed for their juniors or missus.

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