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Choosing the Right Bassinet for Your Little Angel

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Having babies at home involves several important decisions which greatly affect the safety and health of your baby. Choosing the right bassinet is one of these important but often overlooked decisions.

Choosing the loveliest design would be very easy for us (and enjoyable too I would say) but there are some other considerations that should be taken in priority. If you are spending too much time looking for a good model then let me help you in choosing the best for your baby.

Important Considerations in Choosing the Best Bassinet

Quality vs Budget

In choosing bassinets, first of all, you should be concerned on the quality and comfort. Your chosen model will be the place where your baby will sleep for the first few months.

Price should not be your main concern. Although I myself wanted to purchase high quality but cheap model, however, quality costs more and the safety and comfort of your baby are definitely worth the higher price of a quality model.

Know Your Baby’s Sleeping Habit

Furthermore, one of the most important factors in baby’s growth is his or her sleeping habit. Knowing this, choose a model that is comfortable for your little angel.

You know how it feels sleeping in bad mattress! When shopping for bassinets, you will notice that the mattresses are just simple padding, where your baby will only have an inch between them and the base.

I am sure you want your baby to enjoy more quality sleep in this stage of their life. So when you choose a model for your little angel, pay very close attention to the quality of the padding. As far as possible, choose the best crib mattress to go along with the crib that you’ve bought.


A durable bassinet is crucial! Durability is important because at night you may want your baby right next to your bed when you go to sleep, but during the day you need to move it to a better position.

This is your baby’s first bed. Can you imagine the scare if one of the wheel falls off the first time you attempt to move it? My advice to you, make sure that you buy a durable model.

Some Safety Concerns

I strongly suggest that you avoid bassinets with a rocking feature. This rocking feature, even though it sounds nice, might cause your baby to accidentally rolled against the edge and suffocate.

Please don’t let this happen to your baby. The mattress must be firm and should fit well to the frame without leaving any space where your baby can get stuck.

You also need to consider the age of your child, size as well as weight. This is because there are different types on the market which have different size and weight limits.

In case you are planning to keep it next to your bed you have to look at its height so as to establish if it is comfortable for you or not.

Do You Have Pet in the House?

Another important consideration is whether you have pets or other young children. You wouldn’t want your pets or toddler to knock over your baby.

In this case, a crib might be a better choice for you. At the least, you need to choose a sturdy model to reduce the risk of accidents.

If you ask me, I would choose to put the baby in the crib when I can’t give full attention to her. However, I would move her to the bassinet when I’m paying close attention or at bedtime if I put her just beside my bed.

Above all, bassinets must be safe. It is fun and cute that you welcome your baby with fabric and frills. But, a quality model will also provide a safe sleeping environment for your little angel when they reach the rolling over milestone. Your baby will quickly master the art of rolling over, and you want to be sure that there are no possibilities of her arms or legs being ensnared by low quality model.

Considering all of these tips and suggestions, I am sure it would be easier for you to look and choose the best bassinet for your baby. Leave us a comment on the specific features or concerns that you have in mind. Do you have a specific recommendation? Please let us know through a comment below.

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