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Best Bunk Beds with Stairs for Boys to Play & Sleep Well

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Establishing strong bonds with your boys and girls is probably one of the most important things in your role as parents.

You may have purchased the best cribs after your child was born. By the time he or she turns 4-5, it is time to put those cribs aside and make way for toddler bed.

Getting the best bunk beds with stairs is one rather non-conventional idea, but having one in your children’s room lets you create some fun family activities.

You can probably make play acting a regular fun pre-bedtime activity. Of the many possibilities, one is to let your kids’ imagination run wild by acting that they are on some outdoor camping trip in wild forest.

As parents, we know how much energy kids possess and unless they are really running out of fume, they will not sleep.

With bunk beds, you can let them roam around until they are really tired. Once they are tired, it takes no effort on your part to get them to sleep.

Curated Selection for the Best Bunk Beds with Stairs

Room Magic Loft

If you’re looking for a great set of bunk beds with stairs for your two boys, then you’re in luck.

Many bed manufacturers produce beds to fit this specific demand and the people at Room Magic have a loft which just might suit your needs.

This bunk bed has everything; two built in shelves, a dresser with three drawers and a ladder as sturdy as stairs.

Since everything is made of solid hardwood, this bunk bed is going to be more durable and significantly lighter than similar setups made from pressboard or other junk wood. The cost is still prohibitive on this bunk bed.

BERG Toys Sierra Space Save Loft Bed

To give your sons a more modern looking bunk bed while coming up with a cool place to sleep, the BERG Toys Sierra Space Saver Wood Loft Twin Bed does the trick.

It’s one of the best looking bunk beds with stairs on the market and through Amazon.com, you can usually find this bunk bed.

Other stores sell it and you could always check with the manufacturer if you can’t find this particular bed through any of the usual channels.

Understand you may get a deal on the price but you will also be stuck paying for shipping from a far off factory, not at all cheap.

Step2 Lifestyle Twin Bed

The Step2 Lifestyle Twin Bed is the perfect place for a pair of little tykes to sleep in peace and quiet. It has a kind of log cabin feel to it and this is not like other bunk beds with stairs.

The lower bunk is almost completely covered by the top, making it a bed beneath a bed. You have to look at it for yourself to really see what that means because it’s hard to describe with words.

To a one or two year old boy, this will be the best bed in the world, ever, bar none. It also doesn’t cost as much as bunk beds with stairs.

South Shore Imagine Collection Twin Loft Bed

Stairs are better than ladders because they don’t rock or roll while your kids climb them.

The best bunk beds with stairs are designed to minimize hazards or accidents compared to those with ladders.

The safety of your boys should be your top concern, even when it comes to stuffs like bed.

One shortcoming of South Shore Furniture’s Imagine Collection Twin Loft is it isn’t made from solid wood.

Well, it should be able to last for some time but if you only trust solid wood furniture, you may want to skip this.

You will need another grown person to help you put this thing together, so it is also a little labor intensive.

Your kids are worth the best and a little bit of your time though, right?

Time for the Best Bunk Bed

There are lots of factors to consider when buying the best toddler bed. Budget and overall design aesthetic are just two things that you need to take into consideration.

You have now seen 5 of the best bunk beds with stairs. It is time to make that pick!

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