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BRICA Fold N Go: #1 Best-Selling Travel Bassinet

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A bassinet that provides a safe place for baby to sleep in comfort as you run errands gives you convenience as well as peace of mind.

The lightweight BRICA Fold N’ Go Travel Bassinet meets the standards of the American Academy of Pediatrics for safe sleeping practices, and it comes with a water resistant mattress and a fitted sheet. You can use standard fitted bassinet sheets as well.

As you search for the best bassinet for your baby, safety and ease of use are primary considerations.

At less than three pounds, the BRICA model uses tubular construction to make it strong but lightweight. It has a patented safety system that ensures stability and functionality.

A quick check at the department stores and various online retailers rank this as the best travel bassinet.

So, don’t be surprised if you find this model to be out-of-stock. But what is it that makes this such a highly rated bassinet? Read on to find out.

Is BRICA Fold N’ Go the Best Travel Bassinet?

Examining the Safe Sleeping Aspects

Keeping a sleeping baby safe is a priority that manufacturers of the best baby bassinet products address directly. The fear of SIDS haunts every new parent, and this bassinet is designed to prevent it.

A firm mattress and a fitted sheet fit snugly in the carrier, keeping baby safe and secure. The ventilated mesh panels of breathable fabric provide plenty of fresh air for a sleeping baby.

Referred as the best crib with maximum portability by some, BRICA Fold ‘n Go is best used by infants who weigh 15 pounds or less. It is designed to provide a stable and reliable environment.

Demonstration of BRICA Fold N Go Travel BassinetBRICA Fold N Go Travel Bassinet suitable for outdoor picnic

Evaluating Construction Features

Designed to set up in a few seconds, the BRICA bassinet is easy to open or close with little effort. It folds into a compact unit that fits in a suitcase for use away from home. The plastic locking mechanisms snap into place when the bassinet is open, and they release quickly when you are ready to store it.

However, you need to push the releases on both sides at the same time. The compact design is more suitable for portability than other competing models, and a handle on the top makes carrying it easy.

Considering Easy Care Options

The removable mattress is easy to clean, and the fitted sheet is machine washable. Having a way to keep the carrier clean and smelling fresh is a design feature that should be present in the best bassinet.

Air mesh design in BRICA Fold N Go Bassinet

You can wash the mesh fabric with a gentle soap to clean it when necessary without damaging the plastic locking devices or the tubular construction material.

The black and gray colors provide easier care than the delicate white that is used on some other bassinets. When you travel to your cabin or go on a picnic, a color that does not show dirt makes a carrier more serviceable.

The frame locks into place with a four point safety system that produces an audible click when properly engaged. Pressing the release buttons on the locks let you disengage the connections so that you can fold the bassinet into a flat shape.

Side view of BRICA Fold N Go Travel BassinetEasy assembly of BRICA Fold N Go Travel Bassinet

The mesh sides are soft, and the carrier is not intended for use on an elevated surface.

When your baby starts pushing up on hands and knees around the age of three months, the manufacturer recommends that you stop using the carrier. If your child is small, you may choose to use it for a longer period.

While 3 months sound like too short for a piece of investment, it is good to note that the price is within the reasonable range of most parents. The price may is quite comparable to some of the best wicker bassinets and some parents prefer this over wicker bassinet.

It depends on where you purchase it but in any case, your investment should not cost more than $15 per month. Compare this to Graco’s popular Travel Lite Crib, what you are paying for BRICA Fold N’ Go is essentially only a fraction of it.

Final Verdict on BRICA Fold ‘n Go

Designed for infants and newborns, the BRICA bassinet is useful for the first few months of life, but its size limits its use for babies as they grow in length and weight.

The confined space provides a secure and comfortable sleeping area. The ease of opening and closing the carrier is worth considering when you search for the best baby bassinet.

A unit that is convenient to use encourages you to use it often, and its flat shape when collapsed requires only a small space in your suitcase when you travel.

So, what do you think? Do you think BRICA Fold N’ Go is the best travel bassinet to complement your active travel lifestyle?

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