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5 Best-Selling Loft Bed with Slide any Boy will Love

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One of my favorite songs of all time, especially to parents, is the song titled ‘Greatest Love of All’ by Whitney Houston. It is no doubt that kids are troublemaker.

But one line from the song says ‘Let the children laughter remind us how we used to be’. We were all young once and we were once troublemakers too right?

Transitioning from the best crib to full-sized toddler bed, one good way to let your boy(s) drain out his(their) energies is to get them the best loft bed with slide.

You can let them have as much fun as they wish before they are drained out at night. And it is something that your boys would look up when they wake up every morning

. If you are looking for the best loft beds with slide, here are my 5 top picks of the best value for money loft beds with slide.

5 Best Loft Beds with Slide for Boys

Multi-Color Bunk Bed with Slide from Coaster

Coaster Home Furnishings is in a handful of companies which make the loft bed with slide setup so popular with little boys.

While there is naturally a ladder for climbing up at bedtime, getting up and starting the day is infinitely more fun when it means bolting down a slide.

It’s sure to give your boys another reason to argue over whom gets the top bunk so you might want to get them switching off every few nights.

Like all things which are initially fun, children will get bored with this and eventually you won’t need to monitor the bed quite so much.

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Cottage Low Loft Bed with Slide & Curtain

Tents are very popular for children’s bunk beds these days. The little ones can feel like they’re out camping without ever leaving the house by spending the night in a loft bed with slide.

At the beginning of the day, the Cottage Low Loft from Bolton Furniture will be like a short trip to the playground, at least for whichever boy is sleeping on the top bunk.

It’s all very colorful and there’s plenty of storage space to keep your children’s toys together in one place. Whether all the playthings manage to stay there once your sons go to work is another matter entirely.

Twin Tent Loft Bed with Slide in White Finish

For a loft bed with slide that has a kind of barn or farmhouse feel to it, you could try the Donco Kids Twin Tent Loft Bed w/Slide.

The bottom bed has a tent, but the top bunk will be exposed. Rails prevent the boy or girl sleeping there from rolling off and taking a nasty fall, so the bed isn’t exposed, exactly.

A ladder goes up one side and a slide sails down the other, something which makes the bed a little more than a place to sleep at night. This set comes in at half the price of some comparable bunk beds so it’s worth a look.

Low Loft Castle Bed with Slide and Curtain

The feeling of living in a lofty castle can be accomplished with the Castello Low Loft Castle Bed.

This comes with a tent on the top which makes the whole setup a fine loft bed with slide. There’s plenty of space beneath the main loft bed for a second mattress, which means two boys can both enjoy the same space.

That’s really nice, because at almost $700 new starting at cheap places, you’re going to want to get something out of this investment too.

There’s no doubt your boys will love it, but they’re sure to outgrow it one day.

Low Loft Bed with Angled Ladder and Slide

The Camaflexi Junior Loft Bed with Angle Ladder and Slide has one of the biggest slides ever seen on a youth bunk bed.

It’s certainly one of the nicest looking loft bed with slide setups available right now and for those kids who especially like the sliding part, this one of built longer and faster than the majority.

The design of the bed is rather simplistic and it is built from pine which is decidedly cheap wood. You shouldn’t be looking for this loft bed with slide to last for too many years, but then how long are you going to need a bunk bed for a couple boys anyhow?

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