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Babyhome Dream Cot: Probably the Most Innovative of All

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First of all, thanks to my fellow mommy friend, Laila, for sharing the following review.

The reason why I’ve courted her to write this review is because she’s such a proud owner of Babyhome Dream cot. It is only after few hard attempts that I’ve managed to get her nod.

Read on to find out why she rates her Dream so highly.

A Personal Account with Babyhome Dream Cot

First of all, due to the nature of my hubby’s work, he needs to travel quite frequently. Six months prior to the arrival of our newborn, he had to go to Europe and I tagged along with him for his business trip.

We were there for 2 weeks. Being in my first trisemester of pregnancy, I was interested in nothing else, except baby-related products of course.

No Louis Vuitton. No Gucci. No Prada.

Purely baby stuffs. Best cribs. Best bassinets. Best strollers.

I hopped from one baby store to the next. I was tempted to buy lots of stuffs, only to have my hubby stopped me because of two reasons.

First, we have to stay within the luggage allowance limit. Second, I was only in the early stage of my pregnancy and I was not even sure yet then if my baby was going to be a boy or a girl. Nonetheless, I pretty much loved what I saw.

A Great Product with Great Practicality

One of the product that I fell in love with is the Babyhome Dream cot. In case you are wondering where the brand comes from, it originates from Spain and the brand is big in Europe.

What I love most about the Dream bassinet is its innovative design. When I was first told by the sales girl that this bassinet could function as stationary bassinet, rocker and stroller, my first reaction was disbelief.

If you have just looked at its design and not watched its video, I’m sure you’d have the same doubt as mine.

Image of Babyhome dream baby bassinet in sand colorBabyhome dream baby cot review

Seeing was Believing

It was only after she showed me how it works then I could comprehend how this thing really worked. Those guys who came up with such an idea had to be a genius, I thought.

Indeed, you can switch between the three functionalities with just a simple click. First of all, it looks solid as a stationary bassinet.

To me, safety is the first and most important criteria in selecting the best baby bassinet for my newborn. Then you can easily turn it into a rocker, which is cool.

I have to say that not all mothers love the idea of putting their babies on a rocker. I’m not trying to start a debate here, but personally, I found the rocker feature quite useful. Third, you can turn it into a stroller.

This idea is absolutely fantastic. This means that you can move your bassinet easily around the house. I’ve been through the early stage of motherhood and I know how tough it is to juggle between the chores and undivided attention that your newborn needs.

It’s Perfect for Travelling

My list of praises for Babyhome Dream cot is endless. I love its lightweight nature. You can easily assemble and disassemble it.

It comes with its own travel bag, which gives me great convenience when I have to bring it for traveling. I love the range of colors that you can choose from. If you are not a fan of wooden cot, then this is probably the best option.

Price might be the Only Drawback

Now that you’ve heard of all the good things about Babyhome Dream bassinet and you’d be asking if there is anything bad about it?

I should say that price is probably the only reason that stops most people from buying. I’d have to agree that the price tag is on the high range, considering that it could only be used for few months.

A take on Babyhome dream baby cotAn assessment of Babyhome dream cot

In any case, if the price sounds right for you, I do not see what could be stopping you from buying this awesome piece of innovative product.

My Recommendation for BabyHome Dream Cot

Thanks for taking your time to read through the review. Does it leave you decided that Babyhome Dream bassinet will be the best bassinet for your need?

I know most will but I don’t expect everyone to agree. After all, each one of us has a unique taste and preference and also the ideas on how we plan to use it.

If you are looking for travel bassinet and still hunting down all the alternatives, have you considered BRICA Fold n’ Go system? It is one of the most popularly selling and I’m sure it makes a good consideration.

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