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Which Mattress is Right for Your Baby?

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When it comes to buying the best crib mattress for your baby, you will want to make sure that you follow the basic guidelines in choosing a mattress that is firm enough for them.

While many may think that if a mattress feels good to them, that it feels good to their baby as well, this is not always the case. Many adults prefer soft, plush mattresses which are actually dangerous for infants to sleep on.

A good, firm mattress makes bedtime cozier for your little one, helps to support his or her growing bones and even keeps them safe at night.

Baby Crib Mattress Selection 101

Soft Mattresses for Babies

While there are no exact rules about the best crib mattress that must be purchased for infants, it is highly recommended to avoid ones that are too soft. The mattress should be specifically made for infants and cribs.

A sleeping surface that is too soft can be a major suffocation hazard. This can actually raise the risk of SIDS, also known as sudden infant death syndrome.

Softer mattresses that are made for older children and adults may also not provide infants with the support that they need as their spine and bones continue to develop. Crib mattress reviews from other customers can help you in determining which ones are simply too soft or pose a risk to your infant.

Choosing a Firm Mattress

There are two different types of mattresses that you can choose to purchase for your baby’s crib. This includes foam mattresses and innerspring mattresses.

Foam is typically the lightest and most affordable option. These can be purchased in thicknesses of 3 to 6 inches and with different densities. The higher the density, the better the mattress is.

This can be determined by the overall weight of the mattress. It is also important to select a mattress that regains its shape quickly after moving. Mattresses that retain their shape for a longer period of time may make it difficult for infants to sleep soundly and to be able to move easily.

Innerspring crib mattresses are typically a more durable option. The firmness of the mattress can be determined by the amount of coils that are in it. The gauge of the wire is also important, as the thicker it is, the more firm the mattress will be. It is recommended to look for a mattress with at least 135 coils and a gauge of 15.5 or less.

How to Pick the Best Mattress

To pick the best crib mattress for your baby, it is especially important to consider safety as well as the right options so that it will fit in your crib properly. In addition, reading crib mattress reviews online in advance can be extremely beneficial in selecting a favorite mattress among parents of young children.

A good rule of thumb when picking out a mattress is the firmer the better. You may even want to purchase the firmest mattress that you are able to find. While it may feel a bit stiff and uncomfortable to you, babies are able to adjust to it easily.

A good way to determine whether the mattress is truly firm enough or not is to press on the mattress both in the center and around the edges to see how quickly it snaps back up. A firm mattress will snap back up quickly and not conform to any shape.

Other features that you will want to looks for when reading crib mattress reviews and product information include the sizing of the mattress so that it fits snug within the crib, vent holes on the side of the mattress that allow air to escape and a sturdy mattress cover.

A good and firm crib mattress allows both you and your infant to sleep soundly throughout the night.

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