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The First Years Sleeper System: #1 Selling Portable Bassinet

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Providing warmth and soothing comfort for your new baby is the heartfelt desire of every parent, and The First Years Close and Secure Sleeper helps you do it.

Your baby feels the most secure when you are close by, and sharing your bed offers supreme security and reassurance. Having a way to move baby out of your bed without creating a disruption is a characteristic of the best bassinet for your infant.

This model fits between the pillows on your bed, and it has flaps that fit under the mattress to make sure that it remains in place.

Since you will likely be able to use for few months, is it a wise decision to invest in The First Years Close and Secure Sleeper? Read on to find out.

How Good is The First Years Sleeper System?

The Key to Good Rest for Mom and Baby

Characteristics of the best baby bassinet include features that provide the most comfort for your baby and for you as well.

Easily transporting this sleeper from your bed to a crib lets you make the transition smoothly without waking the baby. You get to return to your sleep so that you can get the rest that you need.

Having to stay up to lull the baby back to sleep is unnecessary when you can easily put the sleeper gently into the best crib you have nearby.

Both you and your baby get an uninterrupted rest period that is essential for good health.

Cuddling gives your baby the sense of security that establishes good sleep patterns, and you can provide it while getting adequate rest for yourself.

The U-shaped frame around the sleeper surrounds your baby’s body and head to provide a snug fit that limits movement, and it is firm enough to resist your movements while you sleep. The bottom of the sleeper supports your baby, and a foot wedge helps position baby in the right place in future months.

You can easily sleep comfortably all night with the sleeper between your pillows, and having baby nearby gives you the peace of mind that you need to get a good night’s rest. A patented airflow design ensures good circulation in the bassinet while your baby sleeps.

Use demonstration of The First Years Close and Secure Portable BassinetConvenient packing of The First Years Close and Secure Sleeper

Soft Light

A nightlight is a comforting feature that is not unique to this sleeper and some other models have it as well, but it is an excellent item to consider when you shop for the best baby bassinet.

Without turning on a bright light and disturbing your partner as well as your baby, you can easily check to see that everything is satisfactory.

The nightlight requires two AA batteries, and it provides adequate illumination for feeding your baby.

A Great Travel Companion

Your baby feels safe and secure in familiar surroundings, and the sleeper is easy to take with you when you travel. It weighs only three pounds, and it folds down to a convenient, travel-size packet.

A handle on top makes it convenient to carry, and a small pouch on the back gives you quick access to essential items when you need them.

By providing a familiar environment for your baby when you are away from home, you make it easy for your baby to maintain a regular routine.

Grandmothers and friends who invite you to spend the night are sure to appreciate the quiet that exists in a home when everyone is asleep. The comfort that baby enjoys in the secure and familiar environment of a portable sleeper lets everyone rest properly.

At home or away, the sleeper is easy to clean. The sheet and cover are machine washable, providing easy care that keeps the sleeper smelling fresh for your baby. When you shop for the best bassinet, features like these are worth considering.

Back to You

Getting such portable bassinet as The First Years Close and Secure Sleeper system is often seen as unecessary by some but not when you speak to parents who have enjoyed the first hand benefits of such system.

Spending for a newborn’s bedding solution can take a sizeable toll on the financial of some parents. If you have the extra budget and looking to improve the sleep quality of both your little one and yourself, auxillary items such as this portable bassinet is what you need.

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