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5 Prettiest Loft Beds with Desk for Girls

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One thing that every kids, be it boy or girl, love about is being treated like grown ups. They may be small, but as they watch us, adults, behave, they pick things up at rates so astonishing that you would not want to ignore.

After spending few good years in the best crib that you’ve bought for them, it is probably about the right time that they get an upgrade to proper toddler bed.

In today’s age of PCs and Internet, most of us would in one way or another, spend considerable amount of time sitting in front of our desk. As your kids watch and observe, it is not a matter of if, but rather a matter of when will she ask you for her own desk.

Toddler beds with desk is something of high practical use and they make great decoration especially if you are putting it in your girl’s room.

If you are looking for the best loft beds with desk for girls, here is my top curation of the best-selling options we have in the market at the moment.

4 Best Loft Beds with Desk for Girls

Loft Bunk Bed in Pink by Toscana Home Interiors

Boys and girls both need a quiet space where they can study. Even when they are young and bunk beds are still a fun thought, some stable place as offered by loft beds with desk is something your daughters will appreciate.

While they can sleep near each other but still maintain their own unique space, the desk and study area will give them something to share. Bunk beds are probably so popular with younger boys and girls because, when they’re younger, the need for personal space isn’t so great.

Toscana Home Interiors has a tented bunk bed perfect for girls though the price is high.

Twin Wood Loft Bed with Desk by WE Furniture

This next loft beds with desk is really only a single mattress set upon tall legs. While there is room for a second mattress in the space beneath, WE Furniture does not include a second mattress in its Twin Wood Loft Bed with Desk package.

There are a couple shelves and some barebones space for storing necessities but this isn’t the most functional setup. It is pretty though, very simple and easy to dress up however your little girl wants. The desk is on wheels and will roll out of the way when not needed, which provides some additional moving space.

Full-height Loft Bed with Long Desk by Maxtrix Kids

For girls who’ve grown up a little bigger, the Maxtrix Kids Grand 3 High Loft Bed is the loft bed with desk to buy. It comes with a lot more than just a desk, including two chests, one of which has drawers while the other is really more a series of shelves.

This is a full size bed for an adult or a grown woman and so yes, it’s going to cost a lot more than loft beds for the younger, smaller crowd. At $2,000 give or take a few hundred, this is something you might want to buy for yourself rather than a daughter.

Twin Loft Bed with Slide Out Desk by Sadle Collection

The Sadle Collection Twin Loft Bed is certainly pretty. It looks like the dream bed every little girl wishes she had and your daughter would be happy with one of these loft beds with desk.

It’s got a place to sleep, it’s got a place to study and it’s got them both together in one space. All you need to do is set this up in a corner somewhere and your kid has her own, private area.

There is plenty of space to store books, clothes and just about anything else, so with a bed like this you could make more room by removing an unnecessary dresser.

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