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5 Best Selling Diaper Changing Pads You Must not Miss

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With so many things to consider, the journey of new parent is something that is best taken one stride at a time. Finding the perfect bedding solution is one that ranks high on every parent’s minds.

Whether you have decided to go for bassinet or crib, I hope you have found the best bassinet or best crib for your needs.

Immediately, the next thing you have to hunt for will be the best baby changing pads. Just like most baby products, there are 2 distinct choices you have to make when it comes to changing pads.

First will be the disposable and second will be the reuseable-type of diaper changing pads. As I mentioned in my discussion of the best disposable table toppers, the choice is something that boils down to practicality and preference.

If your preference is to go with reuseable pads, scroll down below and you’ll find some of the most recommended reuseable diaper changing pads that are available in the market.

The Best Reuseable Diaper Changing Pads

Kushies Deluxe Flannel Change Pad: The Popular Pick

One key criteria that defines the best reuseable-type of changing pads will be the comfort level it offers and the water absorption capacity.

In the words of those who have owned and tried it, Kushies Deluxe Flannel changing pad is one of the best because it offers plenty of space (even for bigger babies) and it lasts.

Well, you have to take note that when put in the dryer, one side of it tends to shrink a little bit. It is something that is to be expected with cotton-type of materials. But as long as it is able to survive through the first year or two when you need it most, I guess it is considered a good investment.

Given its low price, you can even get multiple of it. You can put one in the car, one in the stroller and one in your diaper bag. You can buy more of course if you see such need.

Boppy Changing Pad Liners

Getting back to those changing table toppers you can use multiple times, Boppy Diaper Changing Pad Liners are pretty much waterproof.

This is good if you don’t want them to get wrecked but they don’t have the same absorbency you may be counting on or looking for. That doesn’t mean they don’t work, not hardly!

But you will need to bring along some extra wipes and besides that, something to disinfect the area once you’re done. Leaving behind a nasty mess for the next person is not the right way to use a diaper changing station. You don’t want to experience it, so don’t force it on someone else.

Summer Infant Quickchange Portable Changing Pad

Your baby will love a diaper changing pad which is soft and cozy. But you’ll like it even more if the thing proves to be reusable.

SummerInfant makes pads you can wash too. This means that even if your little one soils on it, just make a quick trip through a washer and by giving it enough time to dry, that pad is going to be ready for another use.

Because it is washable, the texture is a bit different from the typical, papery feeling most pads possess. These Quickchange Portable Diaper Changing Pads are also a bit heavier thanks to the thicker materials and increased density over the flimsy, disposable changing pads.

Which Diaper Changing Pad is Best for You?

If you are looking for some of the most recommended reuseable changing pads, you have it. If you have plenty of time, feel free to explore as there are tonnes of alternatives that are available.

But if you are squeezed for time and worry about your baby crying in the next minute, what you have seen above are the 3 most recommended reuseable-type of diaper changing pads that are worthy of your time.

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