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Many new parents don’t realize the importance of getting the best cribs for their babies. This is until they realize an infant can spend 18 hours a day in a crib. Bedding for a crib has to fit properly and provide support.

Babies are Our Greatest Love of All

Issues with soft beds lead to problems with the shape of a baby’s head or suffocation, and in some cases, softer bedding has caused sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). While this isn’t meant to scare you, you should be aware of why choosing the best cribs and mattresses matters.

We’ve gathered all the important safety information that is necessary for you to identify which are the safest cribs. Based on my own experiences, these are the things that matter when one is doing a crib mattress review in order to identify the best baby mattresses and bedding solution.

best crib mattress reviews

Knowing the Right Mattress for the Best Cribs

In general, there are two types of crib mattresses that you’ll find in your search. One is foam and the other is innerspring. Both have some benefits and drawbacks.

Foam Crib Beds

Foam mattresses are firm and provide support for infants and growing toddlers. Foam is made from polyurethane and is a bit lighter than an innerspring mattress. It’s easier to change sheets and clean around your crib with a foam mattress.

Innerspring Crib Beds

Innerspring crib mattresses provide great support for babies, and while they are heavier, it’s just slightly more difficult to clean and make up a baby bed made innerspring.

The best toddler beds are actually not innerspring mattresses, however. That’s because they tend to become trampoline beds at a certain edge. You don’t have that problem with foam.

As a child gets older, parents usually find it more difficult to put their child to bed. Unless they are really exhausted, you need good reasons to convince them to go to bed during bed time.

Putting up attractive toddler bed is one way of persuading the little ones to bed. For boys, you can try getting the best loft bed with slide. For girls, you can go with the prettiest bunk beds.

Things to Look Out in Crib Mattress Reviews

When looking for the best crib mattress, such big brands as Simmons and Sealy are where you want to start your crib mattress reviews from. Some people rely on popularity ratings to determine the best crib mattress.

But to be on the safe side, it is recommended that you read through the crib mattress reviews that talk about these mattresses before making your selection. Characteristics like torn edges, cracked vinyl, flimsy wood, shoddy design or hazardous pieces should stick out like a red flag.

In general, you want to find a bed that can grow with your child. The best toddler beds feature versatile bed types so that a crib can become a bed or bassinet easily. The best bassinets are ones that convert back and forth without much hassle.

As a general rule of thumb, there are several things that define the characteristics of the best cribs for babies. Some of them include thick, puncture-resistant, triple laminate, reinforced, hardwood, organic cotton and steel. These provide the best construction and overall less work and money spent.

Some parents love to place their babies on wicker bassinet. Some see it as probably the most convenient and elegant way to carry their infants but some have serious reservation about its safety.

Since it concerns the safety of your loved one, the safest cribs are logically the best choice. You should not skimp on it and make sure that you get the best wicker bassinet.

The Best Crib Mattress Needs to be Carefully Selected

Once you found a couple of beds that really look great, you should follow up by researching about their construction and looking at their history.

Some crib mattresses look great and even feel great when you first feel them in store, but reviews will truly give you a better idea on what the best toddler bed is.

When looking for quality, you want to consider the length of time that a family has used a bed too. Did a bed break after just three months of use? Did it break in under a year? Was there a warranty? These are just a few questions to ask when seeking the best bed for your baby.

Check Out All the Options Online

When you are looking for the best baby cribs, I would recommend a 2-step approach.

First, you start your search by looking for the best cribs based on recommendation from fellow moms. Next, head on to the store to get a better idea of the item that you’re considering to buy.

Take note that it’s important to look at all of the options online. Don’t be surprise if you see drastic price disparity. If you do your research carefully, you will get a better idea of what features are most important to you beyond than just the designer label.

When you are trying to shortlist the best crib mattresses, you should always ask what it’s made from and check to see how springy the mattress is. The best baby mattresses will spring right back up after you push down. You may think that a mattress bed is too hard, but it might be just right for your baby’s head.

Should You Buy New

The worst thing is finding a used crib and then having doubts about its cleanliness. Of course, you can sanitize an old baby crib made of wood or steel, but you can’t sanitize a mattress.

You definitely want to purchase a new bed with an infant. You won’t know for sure how bedding was cared for, and there are a lot of messes with babies and toddlers that happen in the bed.

Certain infant bedding solutions such as travel cot, are only useful for the first few months after a baby is born. A brand new unit the best travel cot such as the Baby Home Dream Portable Cot or BABYBJORN Travel Crib can be quite expensive but yet most parents prefer not to gamble with the hygiene issue and prefer to get a brand new set instead.

Consider these points before making your decision.

Test the Crib Mattress’ Fit to the Cribs

By law, full-sized crib mattresses have to be a minimum of 27 1/4 inches by 51 5/8 inches. They also cannot be more than 6 inches thick.

You can drop by the nearby stores to find the best crib mattresses on the floor and check the fit by putting it into a sample crib bed. This will ensure that you get the right fit for your baby.

While it is easy to get yourself excited, I usually try to avoid making impulse decision on the spot. If I’m looking for the ideal cribs for my small apartment, I will go back and do a price check online.

Guess what? More often than not, I end up buying it online. The prices online tend to be better.

Image credit to Christopher Lance and Vinoth Chandar

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